Saturday, June 5, 2010

Marmaduke: A Film Review

Directed by: Tom Dey
Starring: Lee Pace, Owen Wilson (voice), George Lopez (voice), Judy Greer, Emma Stone (voice).

Oh, Marmaduke. Now, I love the comic strip (sentimental reasons), so I was interested to see just how they were going to translate a comic as simple as Marmaduke into a 90 minute film. And I adore Lee Pace. He's one of my favorite actors. So getting to see him was definitely a plus.

In all, this was a kids' film. Don't go to the show expecting some grand message like in some of the children's films we've seen lately. There's very cliche parts, and jokes that probably only kids will find all that funny. Lot of slapstick comedy.

That said, I did enjoy the film. There were parts that made me laugh, and it was a cute film. It had the whole, "stay loyal to your friends and family feel to it" that a lot of other kids' movies have. It didn't have that big of a plot or anything, but it kept me entertained the 90 minutes. And Lee Pace was adorable, as usual.

So, if you're babysitting or have any young kids, I'd recommend taking them to see the film. There were some children in the audience that were just cracking up at some of the jokes. It was cute.

Overall: 6/10

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