Friday, October 15, 2010

Pariah by: Bob Fingerman


The world is in chaos. A zombie plague has devoured every nation on the planet. New York City is no exception. Imagine eight million zombies. Shoulder to shoulder. Walking ...


With Halloween coming up right around the corner, I thought I would dip in to some of the more scary books that are waiting to be read on my shelves. I'm so glad I picked Pariah up first.

Pariah, amongst the problems it may have with it, is a horror novel. The zombes in this book are not pretty. They are decaying, flesh-eating, zombies. And that's what I love about it. Nowadays I've seen authors try to beautify zombies. You cannot make a zombie pretty. They eat people; devour them limb from limb. That's what zombies do, whether they have a slow walk or run (but, that's another debate entirely). Fingerman portrayed zombies just the way I love them, wildly gory and gruesome. I loved being able to get back to the old school horror.

Now, the characters left something to be desired. I liked them (most of them; Eddie got on my damn nerves), but I felt they were a little two-dimensional. I know that when an author has so many main characters, it's hard to put a lot of background into each character without dragging on and on, but I just felt like they weren't as strong of characters as they could have been. They served their purpose, but I kind of wanted more. I really wish we had gotten some explanation on Mona. At least a background on her! But, we got nothing. Which, I understand to a point. I think he wanted to let the audience decide for themselves if Mona was just a regular girl or if she was more of a Jesus figure.

And I wish we had gotten a more solid ending! The end really left me wanting more. It was kind of anti-climatic.

All in all, it was a pretty solid book. I'll definitely reread it, if only to get a shot of zombie goodness.

Overall rating: 7/10

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