Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Catching Fire Giveaway

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Catching Fire (+ Swag) by Suzanne Collins Giveaway!


Having just passed the ultimate test of survival —- The Hunger Games -— sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark defied the Capitol and their harsh rules. But even as both won their families a life of safety, now the Capitol wants revenge. Despite her feelings for Gale Hawthorne, Katniss must showcase her love for Peeta on a cruel Victory Tour, and the stakes are higher than ever. Rumors of unrest are spreading quickly, and to Katniss and Peeta’s shock, they’ve become the face of a dangerous rebellion. But how will they be able to take on the Capitol and protect their families? In Catching Fire, the second installment of the "Hunger Games" series, only one thing is certain: sparks will fly!


3 lucky winners will receive:
* very limited edition promotional
* collectable mocking jay pin
* copy of Catching Fire

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