Monday, January 4, 2010

Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand by: Carrie Vaughn



Already the alpha pair of Denver's werewolf pack, Kitty and Ben now plan to tie the knot human-style by eloping to Vegas. Kitty is looking forward to sipping fru-fru drinks by the pool and doing her popular radio show on live TV, but her hotel is stocked with werewolf-hating bounty hunters. Elsewhere on the Strip an old-school magician might be wielding the real thing; the vampire community is harboring a dark secret; and the irresistible star of a suspicious animal act is determined to seduce Kitty. Sin City has never been so wild, and this werewolf has never had to fight harder to save not only her wedding, but her very life.
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This definitely isn't my favorite in the series. I think it was really weak compared to her other books. A lot of repetitiveness (I now hate the word froufrou), but it was all right. Certainly not a bad read, but not up to par with the others in the series.

I stand by my opinion that Kitty is a good character. I like her. I feel for her. She's strong-willed, and the voice that Vaughn gave her is reminiscent to Laurell K. Hamiliton's early Anita Blake novels (which someone points out in a blurb). She has that sarcastic kind of voice, and I love that. It certainly works for who she is supposed to be.

I'm still not crazy about Ben. Cormac all the way! Haha.

I loved Evan and Brenda, though. I kind of would love a spin-off featuring them. They're interesting.

I also liked Dom and Grant, they were both pretty strong supporting characters.

The plot was so-so, the ending kind of fell flat until the very last sentence (am I glad I have the next book, or else that cliffhanger would've left me pissed that I had to wait to see what would happen).
All in all, it was an okay read. Didn't take me long to finish, and it was exciting enough. I definitely can't wait to see what happens next in Kitty Raises Hell!
My rating: 7/10

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