Thursday, December 31, 2009


Personal Resolutions:

1) Get a job
2) Learn to drive
3) Complete one of the many novels I've been working on
4) Edit either TAOF or FTA
5) Start a new journal and stick to it
5) A picture a day---0/365
6) Try five new flavors of coffee--0/5
7) Organize better!
8) Start working out
9) Perform one of my spoken pieces!
10) Ask someone I like out on a date, no fear of rejection
11) Watch ten international movies-- 0/10
12) Go to five new resturants/cafes--0/5
13) Work harder for the Rangernews
14) Love myself more, stop being so hard on myself
15) Take a chance at something.
16) Learn to leap without looking what's beneath me.
17) Let go of the past...holding onto it is getting me nowhere. So...forgive and forget.
18) Write five new short stories--0/5
19) Brush up on my French!!
20) Go to an art gallery/museum

Book Blogging Resolutions:

1) Get a better design
2) Start commenting more on all the blogs I adore
3) Get more involved in the book-blogging community

4) Finish those challenges I signed up for!

Here's to hoping for a great 2010!



  1. Happy New Year! May this year be the best of the best. :)

  2. Thanks so much, Happy New Year to you, also!