Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Frankenstein by: Mary Shelley

I had to read Frankenstein for history, and I'm glad we did. I've been wanting to read the novel for a while, being the classic and horror buff I am.

Frankenstein wasn't really what I would consider horror, it was more of a thought provoking novel. I can understand why people in Mary Shelley's time might find view it as a horror novel, though.

The writing is very good, with crisp details and easy to picture images. Sometimes the plot drags, but I think everything that is said is needed to really understand the novel. You need Victor's story and the creature's story to really get all sides of the story. The way that Shelley wrote it shows that she really wanted to get everything across and portray how everyone thought. She showed Frankenstein's side and then flipped everything around and showed how the creature felt about everything.

The story revolves around people playing God. The main question is: if you could create life, would you? And what would the consequence be? If you read the story, you'll understand there is a lot of consequences to Frankenstein's decision to make the creature.

There's a lot of religious symbolism in this novel. God, the angels, Lucifer, all of it. Which made the story interesting.

In the beginning I wasn't sure if I'd like this story, because it started off kind of shaky. But when the creature started his story I kind of started getting sucked in, because I liked getting to see the different points of view, as I mentioned before.

In the end, I think anyone who likes philisophical novels or novels that make you think should read this.

My rating: 7/10

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  1. i haven't revisited frankenstein since's been too long.

    the imagery is great in this classic, you're right about that! glad you enjoyed it.