Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quarantine: Movie Review

I adore, adore, adore, movies. Especially horror movies. So, I figured why not start reviewing the movies I see? (:

So, for my first movie review, we have Quarantine, which was directed by John E Dowdle. Some of the stars include Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter, Steve Harris, and the oh-so-cute Jay Hernandez. It came out in 2008, and I've been dying to see it since.

I'm glad I did. It has to be one of the better horror movies I've seen lately. Not the best, of course. The acting was decent, and I liked that it was from the point of view of the camera, though when the action starts the camera got really shaky, which kind of annoyed me a bit. The plot was a little weak, but I liked the idea of it. It was very interesting.

The only thing I was really disappointed in was the end. There was no satisfying answer. You're just supposed to piece it all together yourself, which isn't hard to do, but still, it's nice to have a cleanly wrapped up ending.

The gore made up for that, though. I loved the gore in this. Very cool. It was pretty simple, just some [or a lot] blood and blacked out eyes, but it looked pretty damn good. It was enough to make you cringe.

I will probably end up buying this eventually (I watched it on HBO). It's definitely worth having if you're bored and just want to watch a movie where you don't have to think too much.

My rating: 7/10

I'm definitely getting geared up to see [Rec], which is the Spanish movie that "inspired" Quarantine. [Don't let them fool you, Quarantine is a remake. Inspiration just sounds better.] It's probably even better, seeing as how it's the original.

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