Monday, August 3, 2009

Fight Club by: Chuck Palahniuck

“The first rule about fight club is you don’t talk about fight club.”

Fight Club by: Chuck Palahniuck is can easily be defined as a cult classic. People all around the world fell head over heels for Tyler Durden, and some actually searched for fight clubs, sure that they existed and that Chuck has based the book off of a real life fight club.

Fight Club starts with insomnia. A while, middle-twenties man can’t sleep, so he goes to support groups because he finds he can only relax when he’s there. In the arms of Big Bob, he lets himself go. He’s finally able to rest. (Until he meets the faker Marla Singer)

While on a beach, he meets Tyler Durden. And from then on, his life takes a pretty drastic turn. They form Fight Club, and shortly after Project Mayhem comes. In the end, the main character has to take a serious look at himself and his life.

The book, for me, was an easy, enjoyable read. I loved it. I first watched the movie (which was amazing) and just knew I had to read the book. I finished it in probably two days. It’s barely two hundred pages, and each page just leaves the reader wanting more.

My rating? 9/10

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