Monday, August 3, 2009

The Reach by: Nate Kenyon

The Reach by: Nate Kenyon is a thriller about a woman who is asked by a psychology professor of hers to overlook on a young patient who has been in an asylum since she was infant.
At first, the main character (Jess) is abhorred by the conditions Sarah is in; left in solitary, drugged so much she can’t even talk, and wrapped in a straitjacket. As she keeps seeing Sarah, she forms a bond with her and learns of a paranormal talent that has resulted in her being locked up in the first place (she can set things on fire).

After growing closer to the girl, Jess begins to try everything she can to set Sarah free…
That’s the very main plot of the story, the basis of the novel. While the plot is strong, and the flow of all details is good, there was just something missing. It wasn’t a bad novel, but it wasn’t an outstanding novel either. Kenyon can certainly write, and I rather liked the character of Sarah, but I just wanted…more.

I’m certain that with time, Kenyon will become a great thriller writer.

I’d give it a 8.5/10

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