Monday, August 3, 2009

Lullaby by: Chuck Palahniuck

Lullaby by: Chuck Palahniuck was so easy to get through. It was entertaining, well written, and definitely had that flair in the style that’s distinctly Chuck.

It’s about a middle-aged man named Carl Streator who is reporting on this sudden string of infant deaths due to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). While reporting, he finds that at every home, there’s a book of poetry turned to page 27; what he learns to be a culling song. This song has the ability to kill anyone who hears it that it’s directed to. He ends up teaming with a woman who sells haunted houses, her Wiccan assistant (Mona), and the assistant’s hippie boyfriend (Oyster) to try and get all the copies of the culling song so it won’t damage anymore lives than it already has.

The book is full of twists, the supernatural aspect makes it even more entertaining, and every character had their own distinct personality. Great book. Definitely worth reading and buying.


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